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Virtual Number

Enhance your business communication with Virtual Number and IVR service from SMS Axis. Establish a local presence, automate call handling, and provide seamless customer support.


Virtual Number with IVR

Our Virtual Numbers with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service provides a professional communication solution for businesses. Virtual numbers allow you to establish a local presence in different regions, while IVR enables automated call handling and seamless customer support.

Local Virtual Numbers

Obtain local phone numbers in specific areas to cater to local customers and improve regional engagement.



Virtual Number with IVR

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a virtual number with IVR by subscribing to our service. Our team will guide you through the setup process and customize the IVR menu based on your requirements.

Yes, you can easily update the IVR menu or greetings whenever needed. Our user-friendly interface allows you to make changes with ease.

You can set up multiple extensions based on your business needs. Each extension can be dedicated to a specific department or agent.

Yes, you can easily forward calls from your virtual numbers to any designated phone number, including mobile or landline devices.

Yes, our IVR service supports integration with various CRM and ticketing systems, enabling seamless data synchronization and enhanced efficiency.

Feedback Man
Afsal Mohamed
SMS Axis exceeded my expectations! Their Bulk SMS service allowed me to effortlessly reach a wide audience, while their Chatbot feature provided instant and interactive customer support. The Cloud Telephony Solutions and Virtual Numbers made communication seamless and professional. I highly recommend SMS Axis for their top-notch services and exceptional customer satisfaction!

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