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In this digital era, everyone deserves seamless connectivity and secure communication. With our advanced platform, you can now connect with people effortlessly and securely from anywhere. Experience the freedom of staying connected while keeping your conversations private and protected.

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Over 3L+ Customers using our services via top brands.

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Providing Top Notch Service and Quality to top brands.

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Testimoni from @Sarah, Business Owner

I’ve been using SMS Axis for my business communication needs. Their Bulk SMS service is incredibly efficient and helps me reach my customers effectively. The Cloud Telephony Solutions have streamlined my customer support, and the Chatbot feature has enhanced the overall user experience. I highly recommend SMS Axis for their reliable and user-friendly services.

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Testimoni from @Mark, Marketing Manager

SMS Axis has revolutionized our marketing strategy. Their Bulk WhatsApp Marketing service has allowed us to engage with a larger audience and generate excellent leads. The Bulk Email Marketing feature has helped us create targeted campaigns, resulting in increased customer conversion. Their platform is easy to use and provides great results. We are extremely satisfied with SMS Axis and their outstanding services.

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Welcome to a World of Seamless Communication and Unmatched Connectivity!

At SMS Axis, we are dedicated to revolutionizing communication. With our comprehensive suite of services, we aim to provide seamless connectivity and effective messaging solutions. Our innovative platform empowers businesses and individuals to connect, engage, and grow. Whether it’s Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice SMS, Cloud Telephony Services, Virtual Numbers, Chatbot, Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, or Bulk Email Marketing, we have you covered. Join us in shaping the future of communication and experience the power of SMS Axis.

Connecting through Conversation:
Empowering Meaningful Communication

Uniting the World with Seamless Connectivity

At SMS Axis, we believe in breaking down barriers and connecting people effortlessly. Our innovative communication solutions provide seamless connectivity, enabling individuals and businesses to stay connected across distances. Experience the power of uninterrupted communication and unlock new possibilities with SMS Axis.

Seamless Connectivity

Bulk SMS Marketing
SMS Sent from Schools
Today at 04:15 P.M.
20k+ SMS Sent - in 20 mins
Toll Free Number - Call Center
Today at 05:00 P.M.
138+ Calls Attended - by Agents
Bot Convo Started at ABC
Today at 04:38 P.M.
15 Messages - in 1 Convo
Email Marketing
Emails Sent from XYZ
Today at 06:27 P.M.
300 Emails Sent - in 10 mins
WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Msgs Sent from RST
Today at 08:43 P.M.
Abandoned Cart Msg - sent from Shopify

500+ Brands Joined With Us

At SMS Axis, we take pride in the trust placed in us by over 500 leading brands. Our dedication to exceptional communication solutions has made us the preferred choice for businesses across industries. Join our expanding family and experience the reliability, effectiveness, and innovation that have made us a trusted partner for countless brands. Let us empower your communication and take your business to new heights.

SMS Axis has been instrumental in boosting our marketing campaigns. Their Bulk SMS service is a game-changer.
Feedback Man
Marketing Manager
The Chatbot feature of SMS Axis has transformed our customer support process. It provides instant assistance and resolves queries seamlessly.
Feedback Woman
Sathya Narayani
Support Team Lead
SMS Axis has revolutionized our communication strategy. The Bulk SMS service ensures effective messaging, while the Chatbot provides exceptional support.
Feedback Woman
Savannah Adams
Communication Manager
As a customer support representative, I find the Cloud Telephony Services of SMS Axis extremely efficient. It has significantly improved our customer satisfaction.
Feedback Woman
Saranya Karthik
Business Owner
SMS Axis's Bulk WhatsApp Marketing service has helped us engage with a wider audience and drive higher conversions.
Feedback Man
Dinesh Kumar
Digital Marketer
The Toll Free & IVR Solutions of SMS Axis have streamlined our customer service process, improving efficiency and enhancing the caller experience.
Feedback Man
David Anderson
Operations Manager
The Virtual Numbers provided by SMS Axis have allowed us to establish a strong local presence, expanding our reach and connecting with customers effectively.
Feedback Man
Krishna Kumar
Sales Manager
We have experienced great success with SMS Axis's Bulk Email Marketing. It has enabled us to reach our target audience with precision and generate impressive results.
Feedback Man
Mohamed Afsal
Business Owner
SMS Axis's Bulk Voice SMS has allowed us to personalize our outreach and connect with customers on a more personal level.
Feedback Man
Sales Representative

Explore Our Plans

Discover the Perfect Plan for Your Communication Needs – Check Out Our Comprehensive Range of Services and Choose the Ideal Solution to Amplify Your Connectivity, Engage Your Audience, and Achieve Your Goals. Experience the Power of SMS Axis Today!

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Connecting through Conversation: Empowering Meaningful Communication

Basic SMS Plan

Starting price for 1L SMS at ₹ 15,000/-
₹ 15,000 / 1 Lakh SMS
(*Best for Startups)

Basic Toll Free Plan

Starting price at ₹ 18,000/year
₹ 18,000 / year
(*Best for Startups)

Basic WhatsApp Marketing

Starting price at ₹ 3,300/month
₹ 3,300 / month
(*Best for Beginners/Startups)